Beat the Backlist TBR


Now I like TBRs. For readathons, reading challenges, season TBRs, monthly TBRs, etc. I have a March TBR¬†and a TBR for my newest readathon which is scheduled to post this week (Fempowerathon here) and then I saw thriceread make a post about Beat the Backlist and the temptation was too great! This is a yearly challenge, much like Mount TBR on Goodreads, where the focus is on books published before 2017 and is hosted by Novel Knight. For this challenge, I do have the option of including all the books I’ve read this year that qualify for the challenge but I think that would be too easy, so I’m only going to do books I already own, published before 2017, starting from today (13th March 2017). Goodreads shelf here.

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