Winter Biannual Biblioathon Wrap Up

Biannual Bibliothon

I enjoyed watching all these TBR videos on Booktube and then forgot what dates this readathon was actually running after all that (20th-26th January). I’ve been reading a lot for this reading challenge I’m doing so after the sabotage we were hit with, I couldn’t read anything that had a title longer than two words. Change of plans then!

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Winter Biannual Bibliothon

Biannual Bibliothon

This is a winter readathon which will be running from 20th January – 26th January. The Twitter isĀ here. I’ve heard of this before, mostly on Booktube, and I’m really excited to be able to take part in it this time!


  • Read the group book
  • Read a sequel
  • Read a book you have never of before
  • Read a book to do with mental illness
  • Read a book that has appeared in another book/film/TV show
  • Read a book under 200 pages
  • Read a backlist title – a book published before 2017

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