Goals Update

At the start of the year, I made some blogging and reading goalsĀ here and to keep myself accountable to them, I said I would do an update for these goals every three months so I kept them at the front of my mind. That did not happen. So a six month update, refreshing my memory instead!

What is everyone doing with their yearly goals? Is anyone changing them or just putting them on hold considering the whole world breaking thing?

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How I Did with Blogtober

Throughout the month of October, I took part in Blogtober, where I said I would post every day for a month. I did this for my reading blog and my writing blog, which was quite a lot of work considering I didn’t plan as I should and was writing the new posts every day as well as trying to get through my preptoberĀ checklist. It was a challenge but that was exactly what I wanted from it, although a little more organisation next time I think.

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