May Book Unhaul

During the month of April, I told myself I was fed up of all these physical books I had on my shelf and not reading any of them. I have completely run out of room and need to unhaul some books, preferably books I have already read. Last month I did an April Book Unhaul where I set myself the goal of three physical books I own and I would have to at least start them by the end of the month, otherwise they would be unhauled.

These posts are based on BooksandLala’s closet unhaul series and since I thought it was a good idea, I decided to do a three month trial of it. Month two is here!

All covers link to Goodreads.

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April Book Unhaul

I’ve been thinking of doing something like this a while, especially when I watched Books and Lala series where she watched her old hauls from two years ago and then any books she still hadn’t read, she had to read over the next month or they got unhauled. She got one save but otherwise she would have to make sure she read the books she wanted to keep.

Now I’m not a Booktuber so I don’t have any videos of my book hauls and I don’t tend to do posts on here to show that (mostly because I can never remember what books I hauled in the month). However, I do have many physical books which I want to get to so I thought I would have a three month trial of this method and see if it helped.


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