Changing Plans

I’ve started Camp Nanowrimo for July with very similar people in the cabin that I had last time. It’s in the same universe I’ve been writing in for the past year (and I swear I’m going to get the first book ready for publishing by the end of December) so I know it well. I’m working on the second book of the trilogy, or rather, I’m rewriting it because that is apparently what I do with these books. 

The only trouble is that I’ve looked at my extensive plan for the book and realised that the middle of the book is weak. It wasn’t terribly exciting to write and nothing much happens between them starting the quest and the conclusion of the quest. Despite it being a dangerous quest, my FMC (female main character) is never in any real danger until the very end. 

The first book I wrote in this series I liked to reread at times, this book I found myself bored rereading it and that is never a good sign. So I’m changing that. 

I have just finished my first week of Camp Nanowrimo and I am redoing my whole plan. I don’t make this easy on myself, do I? 


Plans, plans, plans

The word ‘plans’ is starting to look really weird right now.

It’s been nearly two weeks since I finished Camp Nanowrimo and I think that’s a long enough break from my novel right now. Any longer and it will be another rewrite for the July Camp and I really want to move on from this novel, or at least send it off to my writing group to get their opinions. In order to do that, I need to transform this novel into something I don’t mind other people reading by the middle of June preferably.

This novel I worked on during Camp, I See Fire, is, I think, the fourth rewrite in this world. The characters and plot were very different in the first one but I think every rewrite has improved things. But now it needs to get better and fast. Or as fast as it can go along with working full-time.

The two articles I’m looking at while editing is this one from Bookbaby, which has a more wider view of editing, and this one from Marissa Meyer, which is part of an extensive series of articles about taking your book to publish. I do better when I have a plan (hence the title) and especially ones laid out like this. With editing, it’s so tempting to jump straight in and get bogged down with how much work I have to do (it’s going to be more of a second draft than editing, I think), but if I actually want to get work done, I have to break it down into small chunks.


Finished! Done! Completed!

So I finished the draft of I See Fire! Normally when I do Nanowrimo, I meet my word count and then I lose all motivation. Last year for Camp Nanowrimo, I set myself 30,000 word goal, met it halfway through the month and then stopped writing altogether on that novel (did a lot of writing on other things instead). So this year, I am really happy because I met my 50,000 word count goal on the 23rd (when I did a 10k day) and then kept writing until I finished this draft.  Continue reading “Finished! Done! Completed!”


Stumbling Block

I discovered, once again, if I take a day off for my novel, it’s hard to get back into it. I went home for the weekend, didn’t have my laptop and ended up not writing on my novel for five days (I still wrote just not for Camp) and it’s hard to get back into the groove of the fantasy world and characters when you’re absent for a little bit.

When a Scrivener app comes out on Android, I am there!


Halfway Through

The trouble is when you’re doing well is being scared you’re going to lose momentum. I’m very ahead of my word count goal (50k) but I’m behind on my ‘finish both novels goal’. I have surprised myself with how much I can write, even on night shifts when I actually get down and do it. And use the Camp Nanowrimo Twitter sprints whenever I can. Last year I reached my target and then ignored the sprints on Twitter, this year every time I’m at home and able to do the sprints, I’m doing them. It seems to be making the difference.

It’s good to see how much I can do when I’m actually determined, rather than making writing another thing on my to-do list, I’ve been making it a priority.


Camp Nanowrimo

It’s that time of year again! April Camp Nanowrimo starts in three days and my plan for the book I’m going to write is so far non-existent. I’ve done a lot of planning for the first book in the planned trilogy, the one I thought I was going to rewrite in March before Camp started (spoiler alert: it didn’t happen) but haven’t quite done the planning for the second book yet. So I’ll be finishing the planning and then apparently writing both books in April.

Well, I always do like to set myself impossible goals.

Luckily I’m in a cabin with other members of my writing group (who I met in a Camp cabin) and some new members as well so it’s a pretty busy cabin. All the activity in the cabin is both inspiring and guilting me into finishing my plans for both books. I also use mywriteclub to keep track of my writing goals.

And I’ll be trying to post more regular posts on here as well.

Like I said, impossible goals.