Contemporary Round 5

Round 5 of the Contemporaryathon is here! This readathon is a week long readathon which focuses primarily on contemporary books. There are challenges, there are recommendations and it runs from the 23rd September to the 29th September, which means Monday to Sunday.


  • Read a 2019 release
  • Read a contemporary with yellow on the cover
  • Read a diverse contemporary (aim to read something outside of your own experience)
  • Read a contemporary with an illustrated cover
  • Read a dark / hard-hitting contemporary
  • Read a contemporary with plants on the cover
  • Read a contemporary that is beloved by a member of the book community (and shout out the creator!)

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Contemporaryathon Round 4 Wrap Up

This readathon ran from the 11th to the 17th Jaunuary and it was a great chance for me to get through all the contemporary books I have piling up on my shelves. This readathon is run mostly on Booktube.

It was a good readathon for me, I got to the two books I most wanted to get to and I started two more, as well as discovering a contemporary that made me sob in the car on the way to work. I started and finished three books and started two more so I would definitely count that as a successful readathon.

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Contemporaryathon Round 4

I find this readathon so fun and I’m happy to take part in another round! And this is coming up at a perfect time when I’m feeling not too inspired by readathons at the moment. Due to this I’ve doubled up on a lot of the challenges, though I hope to read a lot more contemporary books during this week.

This readathon runs from the 11th to the 17th February. The Instagram is here.


  • Read your most recently acquired contemporary book
  • Read a book with blurple (blue/purple) on the cover
  • Read a diverse contemporary
  • Read a dark/emotional/hard-hitting contemporary
  • Read a contemporary you meant to read in 2018 but didn’t
  • Read a contemporary in a non-traditional format
  • Read a contemporary with a picture on the spine

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A readathon centred all around contemporary books! While I enjoy all these new styles of readathons with maps and letters, I sometimes do like a straightforward readathon like one. This readathon runs from the 17th to the 23rd September and the related twitter is here.


  • Read a contemporary with orange on the cover
  • Read a dark/spooky contemporary
  • Read a diverse contemporary
  • Read a contemporary in a non-traditional format
  • Read a contemporary that has your initials somewhere on the cover
  • Read a contemporary from a new to you author
  • Read a contemporary that is a 5 star prediction

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Readathons Wrap Up

I have four readathons going at the same time and my TBR varied so wildly that I didn’t actually get that many of the challenges done for each readathon. Rather than worry about it, I decided to combine all four wrap up posts into one so I don’t have to write over and over again that I didn’t get to the challenges but I read a lot. It also means you don’t have to read it.

We’ll see how well it turns out!

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This is a brand new readathon hosted on Youtube where the focus is on contemporary. It runs from the 12th February to 18th February. In this readathon, contemporary is defined as a book that is set in modern day with no sci-fi or fantasy elements. There are a couple of readathons which are going to overlap with this one so I’m going to try and use some of the same books!


  • Newly acquired contemporary
  • Contemporary book with pink on the cover
  • Read a hyped contemporary
  • Read a diverse contemporary
  • Read a dark or taboo contemporary
  • Read a contemporary graphic novel
  • Read a contemporary that was recommended to you

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