Current Readathon Wrap Up

Current Readathon

Current Readathon is a readathon based around finishing books you have on your ‘currently reading’ shelf and for me, despite not sticking to my TBR, it was a huge success.

This readathon ran from the 11th December to the 17th December.

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Current Readathon

Now this is a readathon for me! This readathon focuses on the books you are currently reading or have put down in the past and want to continue. It runs from 11th December to 17th December and the twitter isĀ here.



  • Finish a book you set aside over a year ago.
  • Finish a book you set aside this year.
  • Finish a book you set aside halfway through the book.
  • Finish your current read.
  • Read 5 books.

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