Empty Shelfie Wrap Up (May)

As usually happens with month-long readathons, I forgot about it until the last week of the readathon. No matter!

Empty Shelfie ⛺ï¸�🔥🚶â€�😱

The theme this month for Empty Shelfie was camping and wow, the challenges were actually quite challenging. There seemed to be a lot of challenges where I could think of books that would fit, but I had already read them and had no desire to reread them (or it wasn’t actually possible in Station Eleven‘s case).

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Empty Shelfie – May

Empty Shelfie ⛺️🔥🚶‍😱

This is a month-long readathon where the focus on reading books you already own, hence ’emptying your shelves’. The theme for the month of May is camping and there are a few challenges listed in the video. I have to say, the challenges this month were a lot harder to fulfil than normal, but I’m still looking forward to reading all these books!


  • Read a book with a tent on the cover
  • Read a book with a haunted location/ghost
  • Read a book with a starry night on the cover
  • Read a book where the characters are lost on a trail
  • Read a book that has a bonfire

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Empty Shelfie – March

This is a month long readathon with different challenges every month. March’s challenges are finally out so I can get around to my TBR! My TBR mostly consists of Fairyloot books I want to get around to, especially ones which have been talked about a lot recently in the book community. I don’t think I’m going to get to the month’s book, Freefall, but I’ve put it on my TBR anyway.


  • Read a book that makes you laugh
  • Read a book to do with Irish origins
  • Read a book that contains fey/folklore
  • Read a book with leaves on the cover
  • Read Freefall by Joshua David Bellan

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Empty Shelfie – Feburary 2018

Empty Shelfie Book Club

Empty Shelfie is a great readathon because I normally end up looking at my TBR when I don’t know what to read next. This month I already had a TBR in month due to Black History Month but thankfully a lot of the books match up with the challenges!


  • A book which has been on your TBR for over a year
  • A book with the colour pink, red, white or purple
  • A book with a murder
  • A book that finishes a series you started a while ago
  • The book of the month

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