FemPowerathon Wrap Up


Another great readathon! I only finished three books for this readathon but I finally started Good Me Bad Me and Beloved which have both been on my TBR for a while (especially Beloved which is a lot creepier than I was expecting). As always, my TBR changed during the readathon as I’m very much a mood reader.

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FemPowerathon is a readathon which focuses on female authors and main characters. I really enjoyed doing it last time (FemPowerAThon Wrap Up) and was really glad to see them taking the holidays into account as well. This round runs from the 8th October to the 14th October. Sunday to Saturday again, so hopefully I’ll keep the dates straight this time! The twitter is here.


  1. Read a thriller/horror/mystery with a female lead
  2. Read a fantasy with a badass female lead
  3. Reread a book with a female heroine you are thankful for
  4. Find a book that was a feminist novel ahead of its time
  5. Read a poetry book with a female author
  6. Read a book with a woman unlike yourself
  7. Read an intersectional feminist book
  8. Read the group read Moxie

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FemPowerAThon is a readathon which is focused on female empowerment and so the challenges are focused around that. The readathon spans 19th March-26th March.  Twitter


  1. woman in a position of power
  2. a woman of color
  3. a LGBT+ woman
  4. prominent sister relationship
  5. a woman with a mental illness
  6. an own voices novel
  7. read a book about a woman not set in the western world
  8. a graphic novel by a female author

So many challenges, I might be doubling up on them as I’m still travelling so I can’t read nine books in a week (though it would be fun to try!).

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