Mateathon Wrap Up


This was a great chance to get through all the books I got out from my Australian library app but it did mean that I didn’t have a lot of physical books to read! I listened to more audiobooks this week than anything, which definitely affected how many books I read. This readathon ran from the 12th to the 19th October.

I’ve started three other books that aren’t on this wrap up, but decided only to include one.

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This is a new Australian themed readathon which focuses on Australian stereotypes! It runs from the 12th – 19th October and the twitter isĀ here. The challenges for this one looked like fun so I definitely wanted to take part. Half of the books on this TBR are by Australian authors, thanks to my phone still being connected to my Australian library account.


  • Read a book with food on the cover
  • Read a hot recent release
  • Read a book with black on the cover
  • Read a book that has the letters M, A, T & E somewhere on the cover
  • Read a book about assassins
  • Read a book set in school/uni/college
  • Read a book with an MC that has an interesting hobby
  • Read a book by an Aussie author

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