December Wrap Up/End of the Year Wrap Up

This is a combination wrap-up because I did not make any goals for 2019 so I really don’t have that much to talk about on here? I tried to keep track of my genres of books but I managed to do the first fifty before I got behind, so none of that kind of wrap up from me.

Otherwise, December was an okay reading month. I had some books that I really enjoyed and some books which really disappointed me.

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November Wrap Up

Oh wow, November was busy. Before I realised, half of the month had gone. I got ill near the end of November so that was not fun with Nanowrimo and my reading and then the space bar on my keyboard went kaput which made blogging and writing very difficult. It seems to have corrected itself, which is good because my tablet keyboard was getting very annoying. But I read a lot of enjoyable books and even a five star book!

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October Wrap Up

This was a busy month for me. I had a ton of paperwork that I had to do for work (as in, I had to do it otherwise I would be taken off the register and couldn’t work as a nurse anymore) so that took priority over reading. However, my work shifts were very quiet so I got through about 1-2 books per shift. Plus I was actually in the mood for spooky/supernatural books this month, which was great for my TBR.

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July Wrap Up

So I got to the third week of July and realised that not only had I not read any of the big books I wanted to read this month, but I also hadn’t read anything else. So my TBR was getting bigger and bigger, I was getting closer to when my library books were due back and I hadn’t read anything. So I signed up for a readathon, found out which books were due back in the library first and set myself to actually reading. This was one of my worst reading months, but I did enjoy most of what I read this month.

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June Wrap Up

Wow, this was not a good month for reading or for readathons. I didn’t read as much as I would normally and I forgot about the two readathons I was looking forward to the most, not to mention being late for the readalong (though I did get to the book in the end). Real life involved a job interview and a job offer, which is great, but my attention was definitely on that.

However, there were a lot of books I loved this month.

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