August Wrap Up

Wrapped Gift Boxes With Ribbons on Table

Okay, this was the month of readathons for me! I didn’t do as well as I wanted to on these readathons, since I was taking part in a reading challenge on Goodreads until the 21st August (we came 9th out of 16 so we did alright). But it was good getting back into the swing of doing readathons again and I’m looking at ones to do in September. As for the rest of the month, I knocked a lot of books off my library/physical TBR but my actual August TBR? Did not go well.

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January Wrap Up

I’m trying to get the same colour for every month so we’ll see how this works. I took a two week hiatus (unintentional) in the middle of January where I did barely any reading, blogging or instagramming, but now I’m back on the wagon. Due to my reading slump, this wrap up is heavy on the rereads and easy cosy mysteries. It also was the month for non-fiction, which was unintentional, but my mood at the time.

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December Wrap Up/End of the Year Wrap Up

This is a combination wrap-up because I did not make any goals for 2019 so I really don’t have that much to talk about on here? I tried to keep track of my genres of books but I managed to do the first fifty before I got behind, so none of that kind of wrap up from me.

Otherwise, December was an okay reading month. I had some books that I really enjoyed and some books which really disappointed me.

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November Wrap Up

Oh wow, November was busy. Before I realised, half of the month had gone. I got ill near the end of November so that was not fun with Nanowrimo and my reading and then the space bar on my keyboard went kaput which made blogging and writing very difficult. It seems to have corrected itself, which is good because my tablet keyboard was getting very annoying. But I read a lot of enjoyable books and even a five star book!

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