March Wrap Up

This was the month of one of the worst reading slumps I’ve had in the last couple of years. Normally if I’m not picking up any books, I’m listening to audiobooks on the way to work but I haven’t been working much lately and I’ve been listening to music instead of audiobooks. I DNFed a book because I just wasn’t feeling it and I just felt guilty every time I listened to something else.

That worked to some extent but it still wasn’t a great month for me creatively. I wanted to do so many readathons and novel planning but it just didn’t go how I wanted, especially for the first half of the month.

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January Wrap Up

Another month gone! It’s already been 2019 for over thirty-one days, which is more than a little strange. At the end of this month was my birthday, so I knew I would be getting books then (I always get books!). Which meant I had to clear out some space on my bookshelves and since I was doing the Upside Down Reading Challenge, I was given the perfect opportunity to try and clear some space.

This wrap up is a little late but I’m hoping to get far more on top of things after this.

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October Wrap Up

October is all done! That was a very busy month, I was having to catch my breath as I try to prepare for Nanowrimo next month! Between Blogtober and Preptober, this was a busy month for me and I didn’t get as much reading done as I would have liked. I didn’t get half the stuff done as I would have liked but I put that down to poor planning.

And yes, this wrap up is over a week late but I’ve been concentrating on Nanowrimo (which I feel is going very well, it’s just other things falling by the wayside) but I’m hoping to get back on top of myself soon.

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