End of Nanowrimo

So I won Nanowrimo. Yay! I have 50k words that I didn’t have before. But my secondary goal of finish the damn novel is nowhere near complete. This book is both my favourite and least favourite of all the books I’m working on, but I think I’ve said that about all the books in the trilogy.

So I’ll be continuing into December in order to finish the book. My new aim is before Christmas, that way I can write, take Christmas off and then be ready to edit in January with a vengeance.



It’s that time again! First day of Nanowrimo has already gone by and I just about managed to do my word count in the last hour before my bedtime routine which considering I’m not doing anything else is pretty bad. I was very productive of everything else, just not my novel!

NaNoWriMo 2016 Participant Flair

There are tons of word crawls on Nanowrimo website, there are Nanowrimo write-ins and the Nanowrimo Twitter does word sprints pretty much all the time during November – I intend to use all these methods to get my writing done.



Starts tomorrow! I would love to stay up to start writing for Nanowrimo at midnight but 1) I’m not sure I’ll be able to do anything apart from sleep on my keyboard if I do and 2) a lot of people who take part in Nanowrimo are in the Americas so their midnight would be a lot later than mine and would take half the fun out of starting at midnight. Getting up early and doing some writing straight away would probably be more my thing.

I have mostly everything ready and I’ve got a lovely comfy writing space, though I’ll probably move around the house. I’ll be doing at least a weekly post about how I’m doing at Nanowrimo and I’ll post any more links or resources I find over the month.


Nanowrimo Prep Resources

As exciting as Nanowrimo is, I find getting ready for it September/October time is just as exciting. You have the dash to the end of October but you also have the anticipation as everyone sorts out their character templates, lines up their inspiration speeches/videos/pictures and stocks their freezer with every meal that could possibly be cooked in under thirty minutes. And the weather is getting colder and Halloween is coming, so lots of spooky stories and movies coming out right about now. Great inspiration if you’re writing a horror novel! Not as much if you’re writing another genre but at least it’s fun.

I’ll be doing another post about what I’m doing to prepare for Nanowrimo but this post is simply about the resources I found useful to prep so far.

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Changing Plans

I’ve started Camp Nanowrimo for July with very similar people in the cabin that I had last time. It’s in the same universe I’ve been writing in for the past year (and I swear I’m going to get the first book ready for publishing by the end of December) so I know it well. I’m working on the second book of the trilogy, or rather, I’m rewriting it because that is apparently what I do with these books. 

The only trouble is that I’ve looked at my extensive plan for the book and realised that the middle of the book is weak. It wasn’t terribly exciting to write and nothing much happens between them starting the quest and the conclusion of the quest. Despite it being a dangerous quest, my FMC (female main character) is never in any real danger until the very end. 

The first book I wrote in this series I liked to reread at times, this book I found myself bored rereading it and that is never a good sign. So I’m changing that. 

I have just finished my first week of Camp Nanowrimo and I am redoing my whole plan. I don’t make this easy on myself, do I? 


Finished! Done! Completed!

So I finished the draft of I See Fire! Normally when I do Nanowrimo, I meet my word count and then I lose all motivation. Last year for Camp Nanowrimo, I set myself 30,000 word goal, met it halfway through the month and then stopped writing altogether on that novel (did a lot of writing on other things instead). So this year, I am really happy because I met my 50,000 word count goal on the 23rd (when I did a 10k day) and then kept writing until I finished this draft.  Continue reading “Finished! Done! Completed!”