Nonfiction November

This year I’ll be taking part in Nonfiction November! This strikes me as a great readathon to during Nanowrimo because nonfiction tends to give me great ideas and I don’t feel like I’m accidentally plagiarising anyone. Plus I’ve got hold of some great nonfiction in the past year which I really want to get around to. The aim of the game is to read more nonfiction than you normally do. If you normally read nothing, read one nonfiction book, if you read seven books, read eight, and so on.

The Goodreads group is here and the twitter is here.

This readathon does have challenges but they are challenges you can interpret as loosely as you like because they’re only one word. Here’s another video where you can get some idea on how to interpret the challenges.


  1. Past time/Pastime
  2. Self/Shelf
  3. Wander/Wonder
  4. Micro/Marco

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Non-Fiction November

Nonfiction November 2017

I wasn’t planning on doing Non-fiction November, which is a month long readathon where the theme is reading more non-fiction than you normally would. However, there has been a lot of people doing it and I do have a lot of non-fiction books I want to get through. The Goodreads group isĀ here.



  1. Home
  2. Substance
  3. Love
  4. Scholarship

The idea is that these challenges can be interpreted however you want. I don’t read enough non-fiction and wish I read more so hopefully I’ll get my chance this month.

Let me know if anyone else is doing this readathon!

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