Finally a readathon set just for me! This oopsathon is all about getting to books this quarter that were on your readathon TBR in the last quarter that you didn’t get around to. Now anyone who has been on my blog for longer than a week knows I take part in a lot of readathons and don’t normally get to every book on my TBR. This year I have been keeping track of all my readathon TBRs and which books I’ve read and which books I haven’t.

There are 55 books which I have had on my readathon TBRs which I haven’t gotten around to in the last three months – I am not going to be able to read all those books in a week. It’s absolutely not possible (not even if I went without sleeping the whole week) so I’ll be narrowing it down.

This readathon runs from the 25th March to 31st March and the intro post isĀ here.

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