Randomathon Wrap Up


Basically, the Cutthroat Reading Challenge is taking over my life so all the books I’m reading at the mo is for that. Which means my TBR is changing a lot for every readathon I’m doing at the moment. I swear I’ll go back to regularly scheduled programming in March!

This readathon took place 27th January to 31st January and once again, I forgot the dates. A lot of these books I started a couple of days before the 27th January but I finished them all within the correct time period.

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I’ve been looking for some readathons in January, ones with challenges because I always find them quite fun and I saw this Random Readathon onĀ Twitter. It runs from 27th January to 31st January.


  1. Read a thriller
  2. Read a Harry Potter book
  3. Read a book you think will be five star
  4. Read a book that takes part on another planet
  5. Read a book that takes place somewhere other than America

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