Because Dragons Readathon

Can I do another readathon at the same time as TimeHopAThon? Maybe not, but I’m going to try anyway! It’s a fantasy themed readathon (intro post here) and it runs from tomorrow (20th February) to the 26th February.

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1. Read a diverse fantasy book. (could be #ownvoices, could be a POC author, could be a diverse cast of characters, or set in a part of the (real) world you are not familiar with)
2. Read a fantasy book with a steamy romance.
3. Read a fantasy book with purple on the cover. (any amount is sufficient)
4. Read the next fantasy book in a series. (continue a series or start a new one)
5. Read a fantasy book with dragons in it. Because, duh.

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Readathon time! I do like doing these and I hope to do at least one every month, it’s just a matter of finding them in time.

This readathon is hosted on Booktube (and also has an Instagram component) and the main theme is to read a book from the past, present and future. It’s from 20th February – 26th February, just in time for when my parents arrive in Australia.


1. Read a Classic
2. Read a childhood recommendation
3. A book released in 2016
4. Read a Dystopian/ book set in the future
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Flights of Fantasy

I was debating whether or not to do the Flights of Fantasy reading challenge but now I’m reading more than ever, and I have so many fantasy books on my TBR that I’ve decided to do it!

It’s hosted by Rachel from hello, chelly and Alexa from Alexa Loves Books host a reading challenge over the year where you aim to read as many fantasy books as possible. There are giveaways and group reads every quarter.

I’m hoping to read 20 fantasy books for this challenge (Goodreads shelf), starting low because this is my first year of doing this. I’ll do the update along with the Diversity Bingo at the end of the month.

#DiversityBingo Update

This is my first update post, mostly to just remind myself that I am trying to fill out all thirty six squares on this bingo. I’m taking part in #Diverseathon this January and that is going well-ish. I’ve finished one book and started the second so there’s that.

In January, I read Kindred by Octavia E. Butler and Rejected Princesses by Jason Porath. Venom and Vanilla by Shannon Mayer also had some bisexual/pansexual side characters in it but no labels were used and it wasn’t any of the main characters so it won’t be included on this.

Rejected Princesses – Diverse Non-Fiction. Short passages on women around the world who don’t quite fit into the Disney Princess ideal but are still awesome and terrifying. A very enjoyable book.

Kindred – MC of Colour in SFF/Black MC (Own Voices)/POC on the Cover. This book could fit any of these categories so as I read on, I’ll decide which one it fits in best. For the moment, I’ll go with Black MC (Own Voices). 

If I finish Twelve Years a Slave for #Diverseathon then that’ll be Diverse Non-Fiction as well. If I finish Tale of Genji (all 700 pages of it), then I’ll put that as West Asian Setting and it’ll be in my February update.

I found a great post for #DiverseBingo which includes list of recommendations. Here ohbookish gives a list of recs for the first line of the Bingo card. I’m definitely going to be checking some of them out.


So stress over my visa meant I wasn’t feeling up to reading or doing blog posts or writing. It wasn’t fun, so now I’m getting back into the swing of things with a readathon! I saw this from one of the Booktubers I follow, squibblereads (her video here), and it struck me as a good idea.


As you can see by the video above, this is a diverse readathon which runs 22nd January-29th January, so Sunday to Sunday. It has no challenges, but you make a concentrated effort to read more diversely. And this month the readathon is focusing on #OwnVoices, which by sheer luck more than anything else, I have in my TBR.  Continue reading “Diverseathon”