Readathon Wrap Ups

Now I was very short-sighted and signed up to do three readathons in the same week. I am terrible with dates and didn’t realise they all overlapped until I signed up for them. I have decided to do one wrap up for all three, partly because I really can’t be bothered to do three separate wrap ups when I could be reading and partly because there is some overlap. I read ten books last week, so not everything on my TBR but since my TBR was ridiculous, I’m okay with the books I did manage to read. Most of the links to the books link to my review of that book on Goodreads.

The three readathons I did last week were Read-O-Rama ReadathonLibrary-a-thon and Because Dragons Readathon.

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I should stop with the readathons but I’m not going to. This readathon is 19th June – 25th June and the blog post explaining it is here and the Twitter is here. This is reading the alphabet and this time the letter is ‘b’. This means any books that start with the letter ‘b’ or the author’s name starts with ‘b’. I was going to try and get my TBR for this readathon to overlap a little with Because Dragons Readathon because they overlap but it turns out the one book which could qualify I had already read.

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Summer Bingo!

Someone really needs to take the reading challenges away from me, but they’re so fun! I found this summer bingo on A Kernel of Nonsense and it is hosted by Pretty Deadly Blog and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! It’s pretty open-ended and so I’m going to try and get the books to match up with the Seasonal Reading Challenge. I don’t want to stress myself out about trying to do all the squares on the bingo so I’m not going to be a TBR here but I will post a wrap up post at the end of August. If it goes well, I’m definitely going to look at doing it for Autumn.

There are some recs over Pretty Deadly Blog and I have a rough TBR for this bingo challenge as well!



This is a readathon which is going on at the same time as the Read-o-Rama readathon and overlaps with the Because Dragons RAT so it runs from 11th June to 18th June. Is it a good idea to do this readathon as well? Probably not, but I have a lot of library books that have to go back by the 17th June so I might as well read them for a readathon.


1) Borrow and read a popular or backlist book you meant to read but never got around too.
2) Borrow and read a book by a popular author you’ve been curious to try or read more of.
3) Borrow and read a book you haven’t heard of before seeing it in the library.
4) Borrow and read a book recommended by the librarian.
5) Borrow and read a book you just feel like reading.

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Because Dragons Readathon

This is BecauseDragonsRAT Round 2! I did Round 1 (my TBR here and my wrap up here) and I really enjoyed it so I’m definitely going to take part in Round 2. It runs from 13th June – 19th June (be prepared for me getting the dates confused). The Tumblr post is here.

#becausedragonsRAT Round 2 Announcement: Towards the end of February I hosted the first round of #becausedragonsRAT, a readathon for book dragons & fantasy lovers. And it was so damn fun that I want to do it again! Who is this readathon for? Anyone...

1. A fantasy book with white on the cover (can be any amount)
2. A fantasy book with an LBGT+ MC
3. Listen to a fantasy audiobook
4. A fantasy book with fire on the cover or in the title
5. A fantasy book that features mythological creatures

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The Annual Harry Potter Readathon

Image result for picture of harry potter books

I’ve found this perfect readathon right around the time that I was thinking that I want to reread the Harry Potter series. What timing! It runs from the 15th May to the 6th August (just before I fly back to the UK). The schedule for each book is here but you don’t have to follow it!

For this readathon (tumblr here), the plan is to read the entire Harry Potter series, the Fantastic Beasts screenplay, the Cursed Child screenplay, the four Pottermore short stories and the three companion books (Tales of Beedle Bard, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages). I have most of them on my Kindle, the exceptions being the screenplays and Bard and Beasts companion books. Hopefully I will be able to get them from the library but if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be the end of the world.

There will be challenges, bookmarks, quizzes and basically, it just looks like a really fun time. Tumblr FAQ!

I’m really looking forward to it!




Tome Topple Wrap Up

The TBR for this readathon (and introductory video) is here.

How I Did 

So I got the dates a little mixed up for this readathon. I was thinking it started on Monday and then finished on a Sunday. I don’t know why, especially considering how I double checked the dates a few days before it started. So I started last Monday and I’m about halfway through my second book, A Conjuring of Light.

Good news it that I finished one book! Three Daughters by Consuelo Saah Baehr is an own voices book about three generations of Palestinian Christian women and it was over 700 pages so it was long. I did enjoy it, I liked the characters and the similarities between each generation as well as how it was obvious that you can love each other because you’re family but that doesn’t mean you understand each other. I don’t want to spoil too much but there was a lot of common ground between the three generations, including the fact that I got frustrated with them and wanted to shake them at times.

Conjuring of Light – well, I like it better than the second book already. Lila is actually doing stuff that isn’t selfish thrillseeking so I feel more kindly towards her. Kell and Lila still have no chemistry though and no amount of kissing can convince me otherwise. Rhy and Alucard are the sweetest though and I adore their scenes together.


1. Read more than 1 tome – does the quarter of A Conjuring of Light count?
2. Read a graphic novel
3. Read a tome that’s part of a series – same question about A Conjuring of Light
4. Buddy read a tome (use goodreads and twitter to find buddies!)
5. Read an adult novel

So I didn’t definitely complete more than one challenge but I did read something which has been on my TBR for a while and finish it. How did everyone else do?

Now I have a few days to finish A Conjuring of Light so I can start the next readathon I have planned which is Readathon of Kings. I still haven’t found a book by a Dutch author that is easily available to me (either on my Kindle or in my library) so I might have to miss that challenge.