Read-O-Rama Round 10


This is another round of the Read-O-Rama which runs from the 9th June to the 15th June (Saturday to Friday). There’s no particular theme for this readathon but it does have several interesting challenges!



  • Read a book with R A M A in title/author name.
  • Read an Underrated Book
  • Read a book with Mental Health Rep.
  • Read a Host’s Book Pick
  • Read a book with Flowers on it
  • Read a book by an author from your state or country.

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Readathon Wrap Ups

Now I was very short-sighted and signed up to do three readathons in the same week. I am terrible with dates and didn’t realise they all overlapped until I signed up for them. I have decided to do one wrap up for all three, partly because I really can’t be bothered to do three separate wrap ups when I could be reading and partly because there is some overlap. I read ten books last week, so not everything on my TBR but since my TBR was ridiculous, I’m okay with the books I did manage to read. Most of the links to the books link to my review of that book on Goodreads.

The three readathons I did last week were Read-O-Rama ReadathonLibrary-a-thon and Because Dragons Readathon.

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Read-O-Rama Readathon

Read-O-Rama is basically readathons throughout the year with different challenges each time. I see it mentioned frequently but now I’m actually on time to take part in this readathon. This readathon is from 11th June – 17th June.



1. Read a book with RAMA in the title and/or author’s name
2. Read a book with water on the cover
3. Read a short book (150 pages or less)
4. Read a graphic novel
5. Read a book you’ve been anticipating
6. Read an own voice book
7. Read a book released in the summer of any year
8. Read 7 Books

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