Scallywagathon Wrap Up


This is one of those readathons where you get a map to find your prompts but then you read every other prompt but the ones you picked. So my TBR was completely thrown out the window as I changed the prompts I chose and the books I read.

My TBR is here and this readathon ran from the 5th to the 12th May which makes this wrap-up very late. It was a successful enough readathon, though I don’t think I’ll overlap it again next time.

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Scallywagathon Round 2

Scallywagathon has already started and I completely missed it until BooksandLala put up her TBR for this. This readathon runs from the 20th-27th May (same days as Borrowathon) and this readathon is based around a map where the challenges vary depending on where you go. You can follow the map or wander as you like but the idea is to complete four challenges.

The first TBR is here for a little more information. The link for this round is here.

As I will be taking part in Borrowathon at the same time, I will be primarily looking at my library books to fulfil these challenges.

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Wow, that was irritating to spell. So, I’m here to sign up for another readathon because I haven’t been blogging for a while (thanks, Nanowrimo) and I’m hoping this will get me back into it. It had a map and pirates – I had to!


This readathon is from the 5th – 11th November and there are four reading challenges but to get these challenges you have to go through the map.

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