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I missed the last round of Strangeathon, but I was definitely going to take part in this round, especially when it occurred during October! This readathon runs from the 13th October to Halloween and the Twitter is here. This TBR was hard to put together because I have far fewer books with Halloween stuff on the cover than I thought!

A map of 13 Houses that correspond to each main challenge.


  1. Deathly Time – Read a book where Death plays a big part
  2. Thriller Killer – Read a thrilling book
  3. Halloween Icon – Read a book with something iconic to Halloween on the cover
  4. The Stella Special – Read a book with part of a skeleton on it.
  5. Summer Slasher – Read a spooky book set in summer
  6. Horror Monster – Read a book with a creature often found in horror as the villain
  7. Gives Chills – Reada  book with something that freaks you out
  8. Tales from the Grave – Read a short story collection
  9. Setting Fun – Read a book with typical spooky places e.g. graveyard
  10. Blood Red – Read a book with a red or orange cover
  11. Darkness Within – Read a book in the dark or darker conditions than usual
  12. Striking Words – Read a book solely based on the title
  13. Lucky Number – Read a book with 13 chapters or has 13 in the title
  14. BONUS – The F-Up – Accidentally pick a book that doesn’t fit any challenges

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