This reading challenge has been going around the book blogger community for a while and I was hesitant to sign up for it. It probably didn’t help that I read the introduction post (here) when I was so tired that I couldn’t make sense of it at all. Then I slept and read other people’s TBRs and thought I might as well go for it! This will also help me to read some of my ARCs I have piling up on NetGalley. It runs from 13th August to 10th September so it has already started.

Reading Quest Board

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Tome Topple Readathon

Another round of Tome Topple! This readathon focuses on big books, so books over 500 pages. It lasts for two weeks and, as the intro video says, it focuses more on page number than number of books read. This round takes place 4th August – 17th August so be prepared for me to get the dates confused. However, I have a long haul flight in this time (20 hours on a plane in economy, help me) so I should get at least one book done. Along with the twelve hour train journey.


1. Read more than 1 tome
2. Read a graphic novel (still over 500 pages!)
3. Read a tome that is part of a series
4. Buddy read a tome
5. Read an adult novel

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Round 3 of Alphabethon has started already and I didn’t even realise! This is a readathon based on reading the letters of the alphabet. This round is ‘c’ so basically any books where the title, the author’s first or last name starts with ‘c’. Twitter is here and blog post is here. This round runs from 31st July – 6th August. I looked at the books I read yesterday and none of them apply fortunately.


  1. Read a book with three Cs. (Title, Author’s first name, and last name all begin with C)
  2. Read a book with a MC (main Character) whose name starts with C.
  3. Read a book with a C setting. ( Town, City, State, etc. begins with C)
  4. Read a book that has a picture of something on the front or back cover that begins with C.
  5. Read your book in a spot other than the Couch that begins with C for a total of an hour. (example: car, closet, at a counter)
  6. Read a book with a Count of over 400 pages
  7. Read a book with a Count of under 200 pages.

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Read Your E-reader Readathon

This is a three week long readathon, which does give me a little more room to breathe, especially since the first week overlaps with BookTubeAThon. It runs from 24th July – 14th August. I’m so glad that this readathon spans longer than a week, I feel like there will be a lot less pressure about it.


1. Read a book where the authors name begins with an “S”
2. Read your favorite summer genre.
3. Read a book that takes place during the summer time.
4. Read a book with summer colors, items or sunshine on the cover.
5. Read a book about a trip to the beach or ocean.
6. Read a sizzling hot romance.
7. Long summer days- Read a book that finally finishes a series.

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I mentioned this readathon in my July TBR but wasn’t able to say when it was, what the challengers were and what my TBR was for it.

This year it goes from 24th July – 30th July.


1/ Read a book with a person on the cover.
2/ Read a hyped book.
3/ Finish a book in one day.
4/ Read about a character that is very different from you.
5/ Finish a book completely outdoors.
6/ Read a book you bought because of the cover.
7/ Read seven books.

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July TBR

So, I’m travelling and working on Camp Nanowrimo during the month of July. The travelling has been stressful so far (NEVER book a flight at 7am on a Sunday unless you have someone who can drive you to the airport free of charge). I have plans to do Fairyathon which lasts the whole month and Booktubeathon which is at some point during the month (no intro video up so far), but mostly I’ll be focusing on ARCs and library books.

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