I don’t normally take part in this readathon, though I may have taken part in it before. I don’t think it was a great success for me and I’m hoping this time will go better!

This round’s theme is ‘books with numbers in the title’ and there are so many examples in the video below. Long story short, spelled out numbers count, first, second, third count, numbers in subtitles count. Everything count as long as they have something do with numbers.

This round goes from the 18th – 24th November.


This readathon, because it has no numbered challenges, is a little bit harder to get a TBR for. I have come up with a few books I own that I want to read that have numbers in the title but this will probably change massively when it comes to the actual week. We’ll see! Continue reading “Buzzwordathon”


Triwizard Tournament – First Task

Photograph of a Burning Fire

So I completely forgot I signed up for this at the beginning of September! I missed the Opening Ceremony and the start of the First Task, but I still have three days to finish some books.

This is a Harry Potter themed readathon with stages and different tasks. You get sorted into a school depending on when your birthday is, which means my school is Beauxbatons!

The First Task runs from the 11th to the 17th November and I have to defeat the Hungarian Horntail! The post for this task is here.

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Tome Topple Round 9

Hey, it’s one of my favourite readathons! This readathon is all about reading books, so books over 500 pages and that’s the only ‘rule’ as such. This round runs from the 9th to the 22nd November. Which means it’s Saturday to Friday over two weeks, so be prepared for me to forget when this starts.



  • Read more than 1 tome
  • Read the tome that has been on your TBR the longest
  • Read a tome that is part of a series
  • Read a tome in a genre you don’t usually read
  • Read an adult novel (aka not childrens, middlegrade, or YA)

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November TBR

The month of Nanowrimo! I’ve also signed up to do two readathons during the month of November (but I can’t remember why right now) and I’m doing something extra for work so it’s going to be a busy month for me. And as you can tell by this TBR not coming out until after a week after November started, I’m already struggling to stay on top of everything.

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I love this readathon. It’s a very low-key readathon, which I kind of need for October-November time, but it does have some challenges which I enjoy. This runs from the 14th October to the 20th (Monday to Sunday). I am hoping that I’ll be in the mood for spooky/thriller books when this week comes along, rather than the complete opposite.


  • Read a thriller
  • Read a book with red on the cover
  • Read a book with a spooky word in the title
  • Read a book with a spooky setting
  • Read something you wouldn’t normally read

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October TBR

The spooky month! The month before Nanowrimo! The middle of autumn! The month where the end of the year speeds up and hits you in the face! It’s also Black History Month in the UK so I’m going to try to focus on some of my fiction/non-fiction books about black British history.

This month I’m going to set myself a larger TBR than normal in the hope that I can start cutting down on the books I have to prepare for Christmas and my birthday.

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