Alphabethon Round Four

It’s round four of Alphabethon which runs from 23rd October to 29th October. This is a readathon based on reading the letters of the alphabet. This round is ‘d’ so basically any books where the title, the author’s first or last name starts with ‘d’. Twitter is here and blog post is here.


  1. Read a book where the MC’s name starts with D.
  2. Read a book with a D setting.
  3. Read a book that has an object on the front or back cover that starts with D.
  4. Read a book over 400 pages.
  5. Read a book under 200 pages.
  6. Read a horror book.

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Autumn Readathon

This is a brand new readathon based on Youtube which has autumn as a theme. It runs from 22nd October to 28th October. Unfortunately Sunday to Saturday again but it sounds like a really fun readathon to take part in! The first four challenges are the main ones and the last two are bonus challenges which I think is a really cool way of doing it.


1. Read a gothic/spooky book
2. Read a non-fiction book that feels autumnal
3. Read a novel set in a cold location
4. Read a historical fiction novel
5. Read a short story collection
6. Read an adult novel about a young female protagonist

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Spookathon is running again this year! This is a pretty big readathon on Booktube and is focused on Halloween and thrillers. I loved taking part in it last year because thrillers aren’t at the top of my TBR normally, so I’m always glad to step out of my comfort zone.

This year it runs from 16th October to the 22nd October.


1. read a thriller
2. read a book with a spooky word in the title
3. read a book based on a childhood fear
4. read a book with orange on the cover
5. read a book that has a spooky setting

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FemPowerathon is a readathon which focuses on female authors and main characters. I really enjoyed doing it last time (FemPowerAThon Wrap Up) and was really glad to see them taking the holidays into account as well. This round runs from the 8th October to the 14th October. Sunday to Saturday again, so hopefully I’ll keep the dates straight this time! The twitter is here.


  1. Read a thriller/horror/mystery with a female lead
  2. Read a fantasy with a badass female lead
  3. Reread a book with a female heroine you are thankful for
  4. Find a book that was a feminist novel ahead of its time
  5. Read a poetry book with a female author
  6. Read a book with a woman unlike yourself
  7. Read an intersectional feminist book
  8. Read the group read Moxie

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October TBR

I’m planning on five different readathons for October (I said there was a lot!) and so I have a very, very large TBR for this month. As my TBRs for readathons change quite frequently due to getting new books out of the library and mood, I’ll be putting on this monthly TBR the books I want to read the most out of all my readathon TBRs (which will be posted throughout the month) and the library books I want to get to. For books, I want to finish reading Throne of Glass and Conjuring of Light since they have been on my ‘Currently Reading’ list for over a month.

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Empty Shelfie

Empty Shelfie Book Club

Despite not following the TBR last month very well, I wanted to do Empty Shelfie again, especially with October being Halloween month. This is a readathon which focuses on emptying your shelves of books you want to read.



  1. Read a book with a serial killer in it
  2. Read a book that involves a spell or a curse
  3. Read a book with supernatural/paranormal elements
  4. Read a book with a freakish character
  5. Read a book with a mask on the cover or ‘mask’ in the title
  6. Read a book with black or orange on the cover
  7. Read a book with a concept/person/place that terrifies you

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