Scallywagathon Round 2

Scallywagathon has already started and I completely missed it until BooksandLala put up her TBR for this. This readathon runs from the 20th-27th May (same days as Borrowathon) and this readathon is based around a map where the challenges vary depending on where you go. You can follow the map or wander as you like but the idea is to complete four challenges.

The first TBR is here for a little more information. The link for this round is here.

As I will be taking part in Borrowathon at the same time, I will be primarily looking at my library books to fulfil these challenges.

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There are two readathons coming up which are based around library books and I intend to take advantage of both of them. Borrowathon (Twitter here) is a readathon based around borrowed books, not strictly library books. It runs from the 20th May to the 27th May and the challenges are below!

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Ramadan Readathon

Ramadan Readathon 2018 header

Ramadan Readathon is back! This is a month-long reading challenge during the month of Ramadan where the focus of the challenge is to read more books by Muslim authors. As I understand the dates of Ramadan are not set in stone but the readathon runs from the 17th May to the 15th June. There is a blog tour and a photo challenge (which I’m hoping to take part in) and it’s a great chance to push certain books to the top of my TBR. The intro post is here which goes into a great deal more detail.

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May Book Unhaul

During the month of April, I told myself I was fed up of all these physical books I had on my shelf and not reading any of them. I have completely run out of room and need to unhaul some books, preferably books I have already read. Last month I did an April Book Unhaul where I set myself the goal of three physical books I own and I would have to at least start them by the end of the month, otherwise they would be unhauled.

These posts are based on BooksandLala’s closet unhaul series and since I thought it was a good idea, I decided to do a three month trial of it. Month two is here!

All covers link to Goodreads.

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Empty Shelfie – May

Empty Shelfie ⛺️🔥🚶‍😱

This is a month-long readathon where the focus on reading books you already own, hence ’emptying your shelves’. The theme for the month of May is camping and there are a few challenges listed in the video. I have to say, the challenges this month were a lot harder to fulfil than normal, but I’m still looking forward to reading all these books!


  • Read a book with a tent on the cover
  • Read a book with a haunted location/ghost
  • Read a book with a starry night on the cover
  • Read a book where the characters are lost on a trail
  • Read a book that has a bonfire

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This TBR is a little late thanks to my very busy April doing nothing much apart from seeing friends, worrying about my elderly grandfather and working (he’s fine now). During the month of May, I’m hoping it’ll be nicer weather and I’ll be able to get to a lot of these books I have on my TBR. There are a few readathons I’ve got planned for this month, Empty Shelfie, Alphabethon and Royalty Readathon being just a few.

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Royalty Readathon Round 4

royalty readathon

Round 4 of the Royalty Readathon! This readathon is focused on royalty (and sometimes fantasy but not always) and I’ve done it many times before. This round goes from the 7th May to the 13th May. The intro post is here and the twitter is here.


  • Read the Group Book
  • Read a book with a royal title
  • Read a book with an evil queen
  • Read a book with a crown on the cover
  • Read a contemporary novel with royal characters

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