Writing Courses

I have had no internet for the last month due to BT being really, really unhelpful about getting mine set up at my new flat. Not an experience I want to repeat. It was bad timing because I had signed up for a couple of courses at FutureLearn.com and one of these was a writing course.

I like writing courses (especially free ones) because it pushes me to continue with my original writing. Fanfiction writing, I’ve had no problem with but original writing took a bit more of a push. And I’m awful at editing and that is one of the topics, so all those first drafts might actually get past the first draft stage (I take part in NaNoWriMo quite a lot and then I’m left with lots of first drafts which I never edit).

Week one has been slow going at first because most of the things like creating a writer’s notebook are things that I already do and I’m impatient, I want to get down to the actual crafting a story and writing. It looks like week 3 is editing though, so I’m looking forward to that week.